Mammie H. Davis

Grievance and Ethics/Chair

She once served as Chairperson for Coffee FC first General Elections and member on the Constitution Committee. She enrolled at the Seventh Day Adventist High school on Camp Johnson Road in Liberia and graduated with a diploma in 2002.  She currently works as CNA at the Luther park Trinity Center in Des Moines, Iowa.

Vinton AJ Hookes Jr

Planning Chair

 Freelance Graphic Designer & Founder of Current Situation Media & Promotions. Prominent Resident and a community advocate within Des Moines Iowa African immigrant Communities. Bachelor in Business Management from Grand View University, Des Moines IA . Program Director for AIFE – Africans in Iowa for Empowerment.

David Anderson

Sports & Recreation/ Sports Director

David Anderson, former Board member and current Sports Director of Coffee FC. A resident of Johnston Iowa since 2012.He is Married with six(6) kids. His hardwork and dedication is second to none. He’s also a professional wind Turbine Technician for over sixteen years.

Lasana Mozi Karmo II

Soccer Head Coach

Lasana M Karmo II CKA Coach Fabio,AKA The Italien.He is
Current Head Coach of Coffee FC and Co- Founder of Coffee FC who lives in Johnston IA.

Krubo Gabriel


Krubo B. Gabriel is a Business Woman and Care-giver with over fifteen(15) years of professional experience. She loves to travel, and spend time with friends & families.

Dexter Tukpei

Grievance and Ethics/Co-Chair

Co- Chairman of the Grievance and ethics Committee of Coffee FC. Former Financial Secretary and member since 2019.
He lives in Des Moines Iowa.
He is a very friendly, supportive, sociable and caring person. Currently, he works at Bridgestone Firestone, Des Moines. Dexter is someone who believes helping others.

Abe Cooke

Mobilization /Chair

Abe Boymah Cooke, Commonly known as PISO- KAI is the Mobilization Chairman of Coffee FC. He lives in Maple Grove Minnesota

Philip S. Sayonkon

Planning Co-Chair

Student of Simpson College. Graduated from the DMACC with an AA Degree in criminal justice. He’s a resident of Des Moines since 2009. He’s an enterpreneer and married with four kids. 

Slah Desuah

Sports and Recreation/Co-Chair

Former Secretary General and now Co- Chairman/ Sports and recreation Committee of Coffee FC. A pastor and devoted Christian. He’s an educator and disciplinarian. A hardworking community servant.

Comfort Karmo


Comfort Karmo, one of the founding ladies of Coffee FC who serves as Co- Chair of the Women Committee. She is a resident of Johnston Iowa for over ten year. She is a woman of hardwork and integrity.

Franklin G Luogon,Sr

Mobilization /Co-Chair

The current Co- Chairman on mobilization. He is from Liberia and lives in Johnston IA. He’s also a goalkeeper on the adult soccer team.

Ben Wilson


Advisor to the President of Coffee FC. Previously served as Co-Chairman on the Grievance and Ethics Committee of Coffee FC. A professional and a community servant

Tom Mourinhno Wah

Soccer Asst.Coach

Tom Wah, Commonly known as Mourinhno, is the assistant Coach of Coffee FC. He’s supportive and selfless professional.

Joseph Jaywheh

Team Manager

 Team Manager of Coffee FC since 2021. A dedicated community servant and very supportive.

Bennetta Lawson


Benetta Lawson, Advisor to the President and Former Chair-lady of this Noble Organization, Coffee FC. She is intelligent and hardworking.

Varney Leeroy Sackey

Member/ Recruitment

Currently serve as member on the Grievance and Ethics commitee and head of vetting new members of Coffee FC. A Liberian Citizen and son of Bomi County in Liberia. He’s married and blessed with three children. He lives in Grimes, Iowa. He loves playing soccer and considered the all time best Goalkeeper of Coffee FC. He loves and respect everyone.

Eddie Keith Taylor

Soccer Team Captain

He’s the current soccer team Captain of Coffee FC. Formerly a member of the Constitution committee. He’s from Liberia and lives in Grimes Iowa. Eddie is multi- talented. He’s speaks different language and serve as events MC. He’s a Travel Wind Tech and a loving and caring person. A devoted Christian

Success AB Dennis

Asst. Soccer Team/Captain

Success is our men soccer team asst Captain. He’s a Pastor and community servant who is very passionate to help others.